Jul 11

Morning Skin Care Routine

2014-07-09 15.06.34Skin care routines are important to keep the face clean, without breakouts, and prevent future lines. My skin is dry and oily, most known as combination type of skin. All last year I spent time trying new moisturizers and products until I found ones that are good for me. So it’s time to share the products I use to keep my skin looking good.

Every morning I clean my face with a cleanser recommend to me by my dermatologist, the name is PanOxyl and you can find it at Walgreens. This cleanser is meant to be use daily and to help to prevent any breakouts with the ingredients in it as the famous benzoyl peroxide, this is a good cleanser and it won’t leave your skin feeling dry. After the face is dry, soak a cotton pad with the Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Balancing Softener Enriched w, which is a toner that will hydrate and soften your skin, Contains ingredients that will diminish dark spots and prevent them. This is a gentle toner that will make your skin look good and fresh, also it will help the moisturizer to absorb better in your skin. After this step I apply my acne medication but since it’s a lotion that you can get only with a doctor prescription I will not review it but feel free to use your favorite acne cream.

The most important step, the sunscreen. I currently use the Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 40, this is one of the many sunscreens Shiseido has. This is a good sunscreen, not oily; fast absorption; stays for long time; is water resistant, and also brightens your skin. I can even use this and not put moisturizer and my skin will look great. SPF 40 will protect your skin enough to stay outside in the sun for long time but if you wet your face or sweat you need to re-apply it to maintain the protection.

Next step is the moisturizer, I use the Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Protective Emulsion w, with SPF 18. This moisturizer is for daytime and it will help to have an even toned skin, it contains vitamin C which will protect the skin from environment damage and the sun. One important thing is the sunscreen protection and even though it’s not high it’s enough when you are going to be out for a little bit doing errands or quick things. Although this moisturizer is not special for oily skin, I would say that it’s not greasy at all, it will absorb fast leaving your skin soft and bright.

And that is it, after this you can apply your favorite makeup or just go out with a clean face like I do. 🙂

I have been using all these products for more than a decent amount of time and I would say that they work well for me, my skin looks bright, moisturized, soft, and even other people have noticed it so it’s working. I like Shiseido products and although they are a high end brand they are not as expensive as other products and I believe that if you are going to spend money in something you should do it for a good skin care regime because without healthy skin, the makeup won’t look good.

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Jul 10

Influenster Prizes

As an Influenster member I receive free products to review but also I get to win prizes if I complete tasks and I get chosen between all the members. Lately I won 2 prizes and one of them is from KISS and imPRESS. I won the Impress press-on manicure by broadway nails in the color So, So Stelar a pretty iridescent purple with green reflection. Also a set of the new KISS Looks So Natural Falsies with model name Pretty, and the KISS Strip Lash Adhesive in clear.

To be honest I am new to using falsies so I am excited to get a new pair to try on for a special occasion.

Thanks Influenster, KISS, and ImPRESS.

2014-06-21 20.17.41

If you want to get any of these products here are the links:

KISS falsies, click here.

KISS adhesive, click here.

ImPRESS nails are only available a big drugstores but if you want to see the different designs, click here.

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Jul 09

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask & Pore Purifying Black Strips Review

Rotation of 2014-03-14 12.33.55This is a deluxe sample size set that I got from Sephora and inside it came with the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask and the Boscia Pore Purifying Black Strips.

This a mask that contains clay and antioxidants that will clean and brighten your skin, also the antioxidant will help to shrink your pores. To use it just apply a thick layer all over your face avoiding the eye area and let it dry and when it’s ready just peel it off from your skin.

This is a good product but a little pricey and you will need more than you normally would use with other masks to obtain an even black layer on your face. The scent is not irritating and the mask feels good on the skin but is a little messy when you try to clean any residue of the product.

I have tried this a couple of times and I think it’s easy to remove, just rub an edge and pull. My face looks bright and clean which is the result wanted but I don’t see any reduction of my pores or less oil production, also these results are not a permanent thing. It’s not harsh on my skin at all but every skin is different so try it first on a little part to see how it affects you.

Now, the purifying black strips are nothing extraordinary, they work equal as the ones you can buy at any drugstore so it’s not necessary at least for me to spend $28 for 12 strips if I can save money and get another brand that works and is way less expensive.

Anyway, I love Sephora because they have little sets of products that you can try without buying the normal bottle and return it if you don’t like it. But I believe this is a good pricey clay mask, I don’t see the results other people claim to have using this and of course it’s because we have different skin types and this is just not for me, so I prefer to use my $34 in a different brand that maybe will work better for my skin type.

If you want to see or get this black mask, click here or here for the strips.


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Jul 08

Lush Steeping Stone Foot Scrub Review

2014-06-20 11.34.35Summer is here and our body is more exposed to the sun and other things from the environment, that’s why it’s necessary to use the right products. One thing that is important for me is to keep my feet looking nice and soft for this reason I always try new products until I find the perfect ones.

This time I’m going to review the lush Steeping Stone foot scrub. I bought this small cute green foot bar for $4.50 plus tax at the lush store and according to the description the pumice, sea salt and the oils in it will leave your feet soft and moisturized.  The way you use this bar is breaking a piece and rubbing it against your wet foot or use the entire bar, the only thing you shouldn’t do is leave the bar under the running water because it will dissolve it.

I like the lemon scent of this bar and it’s not rough with the skin, I only need a small piece for both feet and I think that this bar will last at least 5-7 times of use. My feet were soft after I used it but I didn’t smell the lemon scent anymore.

Overall I think this is a good product for everyday use to keep your skin soft if the dryness is not severe. Natural ingredients are good for the skin but sometimes it’s necessary to use stronger products to solve the dryness in the skin. Personally I don’t think it will work for people with super dry feet because it’s not strong enough to remove all the dry skin on the feet and also it will take more than 1 bar to do it and that will cost too much money since the bar won’t last for a long time. I like the bar because it’s cute and smells good but I don’t think I will buy it again because of the price, it’s not over expensive but for that price I can get a similar product that will last longer and probably give better results.

If you want to read more about this scrub or buy it, click here

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Jul 07

June 2014 Ipsy Bag

June ipsy bag is called “Pretty in Paradise” and they picked products that can be useful in a trip. Also this month the bag received was designed by Rebecca Minkoff. I received five products, 3 of them are full size products and 2 deluxe samples.

Be a Bombshell, mascara in Lash Out. Price $15. Click here 

The packaging is matte black and there isn’t a description on the box so you need to go to the site to read about it and says it’s a lengthening formula mascara and is not waterproof. The brush is fat and to obtain a better effect you have to apply 2 or 3 coats.

NYX, Butter gloss in Éclair. Price $5. Click here http://www.nyxcosmetics.com/p-191-butter-gloss.aspx

Buttery gloss that can be used alone or on top of your favorite lip stick. It smells like cookies, leaves your lips soft but not sticky.

DERMAdoctor, DD cream. Price $38. Click here 

This DD cream is like the famous BB cream but also provides 15 benefits to your skin and comes with SPF of 30. There is no color matching necessary because this cream will fit every skin tone.

Nicka K New York. Shimmering Eyeliner in green. Price $4.99. Click here 

This a long-lasting shimmering eyeliner that is water resistant and smudge proof with a foam applicator for easy applications. Great to give that pop of color to your eyes.

Marc Anthony, Dream Waves beach Spray. Price $6.99. Click here 

On the site description it says: “Even the straightest hair can achieve sexy, fresh-from-the-beach, tousled waves all year long,” how???I don’t know yet… also creates texture, adds body and volume and protects hair from sun damage.

Rebeca Minkoff bag

This month the bag was designed by a famous designer which is good because ipsy keeps improving. The bag is a floral design with pineapples over a dark blue background.

2014-06-20 21.18.05

This was another good month for me because I received more makeup than skin care products. Although I don’t think I will use the shimmering eyeliner but it’s good to have it in case one day I feel brave enough to put green on me. I’m excited to try the new DD cream because I just need a new one and I want to see how the hair spray curls my straight hair with only using it. Finally I don’t use non waterproof formula mascaras but I will try this to see how it works.

If you want to know more about Ipsy, click here. And you want to subscribe to ipsy, click here.

2014-06-20 21.13.14


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May 22

Wish List

From now on I will try to make a list with the beauty things I would like to buy. My dream is to buy everything but I can’t and I don’t have to do it. Eventually I will get most of the things in the list, I will add more when I find new things, and delete the things I got. Don’t get upset if you see this list and I haven’t bought anything but it’s not because I don’t want it, maybe it’s because I changed my mind or I’m waiting to win the lottery first. Also there won’t be a personal review here only website description, price, and where to buy it.

clariClarisonic Mia 2. Price $150

Sephora says: “It’s time to think beyond the washcloth and elevate cleansing to a sonic level. Clarisonic’s patented sonic technology gently removes the impurities traditional cleaning methods leave behind, cleansing six times better than your hands alone. In just 60 seconds, its sonic action removes impurities from pores so that creams, serums, and moisturizers are more effective. And with regular daily use you’ll notice a reduction in dry patches, oily areas, and blemishes.” Click here.

hoolBenefit Hoola bronzer. Price $28

Sephora says: “This powder is like Barbados in a box! Sweep Hoola across the chin, cheeks, and forehead with the accompanying brush for a healthy, natural looking tan year-round— no tanning bed necessary.” Click here.

porBENEFIT COSMETICS The POREfessional Agent Zero Shine. Price $30

Sephora says: “Get smooth, fresh-faced skin with this shine-control powder that instantly mattifies the complexion. The built-in brush applicator makes this the ideal purse companion for touch-ups on the go.” Click here.

lancomeLancome Hypnose Drama waterproof Price $27.50

Sephora says: “Get this volume mascara for instant lash drama! The full-contact brush, with its S-shaped curve, grasps and loads lashes for a fanned-out, full-body fringe. The new waterproof formula lasts for 24 hours and will not flake or clump. The mascara contains extrusion technology to create a fine dispersion of product and the film-forming polymer will not dissolve in water.” Click here.

mufeMake up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation. Price $42.00

Sephora says: “An oil-free medium-to-full-coverage liquid foundation that covers skin imperfections flawlessly while remaining invisible on-screen and in real life.” Click here.

lose powderLaura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. Price $35

Sephora says: “Infused with the finest French “cashmere talc,” this non-dusty, non-drying translucent powder sets makeup and creates a flawless finish.” Click here.

immHourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation. Price $ 55.00

Sephora says: “A breakthrough liquid-to-powder foundation formula that absorbs oil, camouflages imperfections, and delivers a long-lasting, velvet-matte finish.” Click here.

f20Sigma, F20 – Large Powder Brush. Price $29.00

Sigma says: “Recommended Use: Bronzing of the cheekbones and temple area. Using the flat side gives definition and control. Bristle Type: Natural.” Click here.

e30Sigma, E10 – Pencil Brush. Price $12.00

Sigma says: “Recommended Use: Soften pencil liners along the top and bottom lash lines, add shadow to line the eyes, or use to highlight inner corner of eyes.” Click here.

kiehlsKiehls – Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Price $46

Kiehl’s say: “Regenerates, repairs, and replenishes skin for smoother, healthier skin.” Click here.


japJaponesque, Precision Lash Definer/ Metal Comb. Price $8.49

Ulta says: “ The contoured handle provides a firm, comfortable grip, while the expertly designed sculpted teeth glide through mascara leaving natural, clump-free lashes that are separated and defined.” Click here.

beccaBecca, Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector. Price $36

Sephora says: “A targeted oil-control primer that perfects and minimizes pores for mattified skin that lasts up to 12 hours.” Click here.


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May 12

Taking Care of Your Feet

It is well into spring and it’s the time of the year that girls wear sandals and show their feet but even though not everybody pays attention to your feet it’s not nice to walk around showing ugly and uncared for feet. I don’t like to look at ugly feet, I think it’s not nice to wear a pretty dress with nice sandals and your feet are looking bad. You may think guys don’t care about feet but that’s not true because a lot of the men I know look at the girls feet and they don’t like ugly feet either. So here is a quick guide to keep your feet looking pretty.

  1. You need a good foot scrub like the peppermint cooling pumice foot scrub from the body shop or stepping stone from lush or any other from a drugstore. Use it every time you shower with some loofah so you can really scrub the dry parts of your feet.
  2. If that’s not enough get a foot file to remove any rough area or a pumice stone, preferably use this after you shower so your skin is easy to remove. And if they are really dry you can find other products at the store like metallic files.
  3. Don’t forget to dry your feet well to avoid fungus but if that already occurred then you can use any good over the counter medicine but if you don’t see any progress then go visit the doctor.
  4. If you have warts or calluses then get a wart freeze product, creams, or patches. I never use any of them but Dr. Scholls has a big line of products for both of these problems.
  5. And finally add moisturizer to keep your feet soft. Probably you will want a regular moisturizer for the day and a thicker formulation for night. I like Badger Peppermint & tea tree foot balm.

Now after you are done with all these things, your feet will look better than ever but there are other tips you must never forget.

If you like to paint your toe nails, check that the color still looks good and there are no chips. Don’t leave the nail polish on your nails for a month or until it disappears of the wearing, that’s not good! Nails need to breathe too. If you don’t paint them it’s ok too but just make sure they are always clean and trimmed. Wear sunscreen, feet need to be protected too and it’s not so cute to have sun tanned feet and white legs. if you are gonna walk around in sandals all day it wouldn’t be a bad idea to carry moist wipes and moisturizer because since they are close to the floor sometimes they tend to get dirty, so you can go to the restroom or your car to wipe them and apply moisturizer again so they always look nice, it’s not nice to have dirty feet and show them.

We all know that not all the sandals are comfortable enough to walk around all day with them, so if that’s your case get those auto adhesive pads to add more cushion to your feet and avoid painful injuries or those Dr. Scholls sticker to put in the edges where the shoe scratches the heels. And always carry a extra pair of flip flops or flats that you know that are comfortable just in case you get tired of the heels or your sandals. I always have flip flops with me because I never know when I’m gonna get tired or the shoes will hurt so I can change and avoid blisters.T

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May 06

April 2014 Ipsy Bag

2014-04-12 14.49.37-1This is the April Ipsy bag review. This month the bag is called “Beauty Rocks” which is inspired by the music and festivals. I received 5 products and 2 of them are full size. If you want to know more about ipsy bag, just click here.

Such a Tease, So Seductive Lashes. Price $3.99. Click here 

Haven’t heard of this brand before but the lashes I received are 100% handmade, easy to apply, and reusable. The lashes look nice a soft, they will add volume and length.

Cailyn, Tinted Lip Balm in Apple Pink. Price $19. Click here

This lip balm will leave your lips soft and moisturized. According to the website the color will stay on for a long period of time.

Dr. Brandt, Microdermasion. Price $78. Click here

This scrub will diminish fine lines, mask or acne discoloration. I don’t like to pay $78 for a small product that might not work.

Rainbow Honey Nail polish in Midnight fountain. Price $10. Click here

This is a small bottle of blue glitter nail polish. I don’t mind to have a small bottle because i never finish any nail polish. This nail polish is clear with blue glitter.

Urban decay 24/7 Velvet Glide-on Eye pencil, in Black velvet. Price $20. Click here 

Deluxe sample of the new black eyeliner in black velvet, this pencil is not as dark as perversion but is softer and easy to smudge for the perfect smoky eye look. This pencil is waterproof and should last a long time in your eyes.

Ipsy bag

The bag for this month is a blue purplish square bag. It has a LP player in the front. It’s a cute little bag to carry things.

This was the april ipsy bag, i have tried some of the products and I’m excited to try the lashes and the eyeliner soon, hopefully they will work for me. April was a good month because i received good products from good brands, hopefully next month is better than this one.

If you want to subscribe to ipsy, click here

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May 01

Dior Blush Brush Review

I love to have many brushes from different brands and models, sometimes I have duplicates but that’s ok because I need them and I don’t have to wash them so often. But this is something I noticed the last time I cleaned all my brushes. One of the expensive brushes that I have is from Dior, it’s a blush brush and since it’s small I use it for bronzer. The price of this brush is around $49, the handle is silver and the bristles are black made of natural material. The bristles of this brush in my opinion are the right size to use to apply blush, it’s not super fluffy but really soft to the touch. I like to use it for bronzer because it fits well for “now.”

What I mean for “now”? because when I washed it, it shed a lot, and it lost the shape a little bit so if I’m not wrong I’m gonna have problems with this brush in the future which is sad since it’s an expensive brush and I would expect a better assembling. Compared to the other inexpensive brushes that I own the Dior is not so good, I had to put the plastic cover protection to the brush so it can have the same shape again but I guess with time and more use, it won’t look so pretty anymore and I won’t be able to use it for what I want. Also when I was looking online for the price I saw some pictures of this same brush without shape, the bristles all open, and unorganized.

I love Dior and I like to buy their products and I even wanted to get a limited edition red brush but I will have to think twice next time I like one brush from them and of course there is a chance that I got a bad brush and all the rest of the brushes are perfect but this shouldn’t happen to anyone. Also this is a good example of why we shouldn’t always buy expensive brushes because we think they are better since I have the proof that is not true and my inexpensive brushes are way better since they don’t shed or lose the shape.

Anyway, you can find the brushes in Dior website, and any Dior counter from the department stores.

2014-04-26 22.08.15

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