Nicole by OPI Roughles, On What Grounds?… A Week Later

2014-03-29 01.36.57I received the Nicole by OPI roughles nail polish in the march Ipsy bag and since it’s the first time I get a nail polish with texture I had to try it out.

I got the color “On What Grounds?” and it’s a light blue with some green and the texture is a darker tone of blue. I usually don’t put any base coat to test the durability but since this is a new nail polish and I was afraid to ruin my nails I put a coat of a regular base coat. I applied 2 coats of the nail polish but I believe 1 coat looked good too but since I had uneven areas I added the second layer. The opacity of this nail polish is good and the brush is the right size, not big like some new polishes. On the bottle it says to not apply a top coat and that’s understandable because if you do it you ruin the effect but I guess they have to put in case someone wants to do it.

My nails looked like in the picture, the color was ok and the texture too. At the beginning I scratched my face with the texture but nothing that will kill you but u need to be careful. I kept my nails with this polish for a week but after 3 or 4 days I got bored of it and I was counting the days to remove it but when I finally did it; the nail polish didn’t come off easily like any normal nail polish, it took me awhile to do it, rub more, and even soak my nails on the remover to make it easier and after all was gone my nails still had some blue stain on them. By the seventh day my nails still look good, I didn’t have chipped nails but in the tips of my nails the nail polish started to disappear, the durability of this product must be because I have a thick layer on.

Although this is a good brand and lasts a week of wear, I don’t think I will buy this textured nail polish again; probably other colors are better but I don’t think I will do it. If you decide to try it out don’t forget to wear a base coat to protect your nails.

If you want to see how this nail polish looks on my nails, please click here.

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