Influenster Uni VoxBox Review

fbdb1aacb0e931e8ffb540c34708efe739ff63f3As a part of the Influenster group I receive products for free to try them out and review them. This time I received a box called: Uni VoxBox and it comes with products needed for any student girl. I received 6 full size products in this box.


Playtex, Sport fresh balance tampons. The price of the box should be around $4.00 but that depends on the store. They have odor shield and 360 protection. Designed to protect you while you exercise.

Broadway Nails Impress press-on manicure. The price for the set of 24 nails is $5.99. On the package it says it will last up to a week and they are easy to use because you don’t need glue.

Red Rose, Real tea premium water enhancer. The price is $4.49 at the stores and this water enhancer is made of real brewed tea to make your water taste like real tea. The bottle will last for 24 servings is lightly sweetened and doesn’t contains dyes.

Pilot Acroball Purewhite. They come in packages of 3, 4, and 5. The price for a package of 3 is $4.59 but prices may be different. According to the product description, this pen has gel ink to have smooth writing and dries quick.

NYC expert last lip color in forever fuchsia. The price is $1.99 everywhere unless you find a coupon to get it cheaper. The velvety finish lip stick should last up to 6 hours on your lips leaving them moisturized.

Rimmel London Stay matte liquid mousse foundation. The price of this foundation is around $5.00 at the stores. This is a lightweight liquid mousse that leaves the skin matte. Comes in 8 shades.

This is a small description of every product I received, I will have a more detailed review for each product soon.

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