Impress Press-On Manicure Nails Review

2014-04-03 14.58.55I received Impress press-on manicure inside my Uni Voxbox to try out in the complementary box from Influenster. This is the second time I received this product but in a different color. So this is a quick review and update on the impress nails.

This set of nails costs around $6 at any store that sells this brand, the nails come in a set of 24 nails, with lots of colors and designs to choose from. I received them in the color “first date.” The packaging is a clear plastic nail polish bottle with the nails inside, I think the bottle is good to store the nails. These nails are easy to apply because they come with glue on the back of each nail, so you only peel them off and stick it to your nail and according to the box they will last up to a week over your nails.

Now, the box says that these nails come in 12 sizes but none of them fit my nails, and this is because the shape of my nails is longer than the fake ones and also the width of my nails is different so there is no way I can try them on, you can see it in the picture shown below.

2014-04-25 23.52.12Although I have never been a fan of wearing fake nails, I would make an exception for these nails because I believe that the glue wouldn’t be as damaging as other glues and they are very easy to apply. I don’t think I’m the only one with this problem but it’s sad that the company doesn’t make different nail sizes that can fit more people.

So, I believe the company has a great concept offering easy to apply nails without making a mess for girls with short nails and providing an alternative for a manicure that is also cheaper but at same time I believe they need to create a different size of nails because the ones they have on the market won’t fit everybody. So I will recommend this only for girls with short nails but you have to try it, it may not fit you if you don’t have the shape they sell.

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