Taking Care of Your Feet

It is well into spring and it’s the time of the year that girls wear sandals and show their feet but even though not everybody pays attention to your feet it’s not nice to walk around showing ugly and uncared for feet. I don’t like to look at ugly feet, I think it’s not nice to wear a pretty dress with nice sandals and your feet are looking bad. You may think guys don’t care about feet but that’s not true because a lot of the men I know look at the girls feet and they don’t like ugly feet either. So here is a quick guide to keep your feet looking pretty.

  1. You need a good foot scrub like the peppermint cooling pumice foot scrub from the body shop or stepping stone from lush or any other from a drugstore. Use it every time you shower with some loofah so you can really scrub the dry parts of your feet.
  2. If that’s not enough get a foot file to remove any rough area or a pumice stone, preferably use this after you shower so your skin is easy to remove. And if they are really dry you can find other products at the store like metallic files.
  3. Don’t forget to dry your feet well to avoid fungus but if that already occurred then you can use any good over the counter medicine but if you don’t see any progress then go visit the doctor.
  4. If you have warts or calluses then get a wart freeze product, creams, or patches. I never use any of them but Dr. Scholls has a big line of products for both of these problems.
  5. And finally add moisturizer to keep your feet soft. Probably you will want a regular moisturizer for the day and a thicker formulation for night. I like Badger Peppermint & tea tree foot balm.

Now after you are done with all these things, your feet will look better than ever but there are other tips you must never forget.

If you like to paint your toe nails, check that the color still looks good and there are no chips. Don’t leave the nail polish on your nails for a month or until it disappears of the wearing, that’s not good! Nails need to breathe too. If you don’t paint them it’s ok too but just make sure they are always clean and trimmed. Wear sunscreen, feet need to be protected too and it’s not so cute to have sun tanned feet and white legs. if you are gonna walk around in sandals all day it wouldn’t be a bad idea to carry moist wipes and moisturizer because since they are close to the floor sometimes they tend to get dirty, so you can go to the restroom or your car to wipe them and apply moisturizer again so they always look nice, it’s not nice to have dirty feet and show them.

We all know that not all the sandals are comfortable enough to walk around all day with them, so if that’s your case get those auto adhesive pads to add more cushion to your feet and avoid painful injuries or those Dr. Scholls sticker to put in the edges where the shoe scratches the heels. And always carry a extra pair of flip flops or flats that you know that are comfortable just in case you get tired of the heels or your sandals. I always have flip flops with me because I never know when I’m gonna get tired or the shoes will hurt so I can change and avoid blisters.T

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