Apr 29

Sephora VIB Birthday Gift

As a VIB at Sephora, every April I receive a gift from them because of my birthday. So this year I received a small set from Make Up For Ever. The set contains the Smoky extravagant mascara and a tiny cute lipstick in Natural N9. I can’t wait to try the mascara out and maybe the lipstick but it’s too cute to touch it.

2014-04-06 14.35.34

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Apr 27

Impress Press-On Manicure Nails Review

2014-04-03 14.58.55I received Impress press-on manicure inside my Uni Voxbox to try out in the complementary box from Influenster. This is the second time I received this product but in a different color. So this is a quick review and update on the impress nails.

This set of nails costs around $6 at any store that sells this brand, the nails come in a set of 24 nails, with lots of colors and designs to choose from. I received them in the color “first date.” The packaging is a clear plastic nail polish bottle with the nails inside, I think the bottle is good to store the nails. These nails are easy to apply because they come with glue on the back of each nail, so you only peel them off and stick it to your nail and according to the box they will last up to a week over your nails.

Now, the box says that these nails come in 12 sizes but none of them fit my nails, and this is because the shape of my nails is longer than the fake ones and also the width of my nails is different so there is no way I can try them on, you can see it in the picture shown below.

2014-04-25 23.52.12Although I have never been a fan of wearing fake nails, I would make an exception for these nails because I believe that the glue wouldn’t be as damaging as other glues and they are very easy to apply. I don’t think I’m the only one with this problem but it’s sad that the company doesn’t make different nail sizes that can fit more people.

So, I believe the company has a great concept offering easy to apply nails without making a mess for girls with short nails and providing an alternative for a manicure that is also cheaper but at same time I believe they need to create a different size of nails because the ones they have on the market won’t fit everybody. So I will recommend this only for girls with short nails but you have to try it, it may not fit you if you don’t have the shape they sell.

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Apr 27

NYC Expert Last Lip color Review

2014-04-03 14.59.14A couple of weeks ago I received the Uni Voxbox complementary box from Influenster with different products to try out and one product was the NYC lipstick in color “Forever Fuchsia.”

This lipstick costs around $1.99 at any store that sells this brand. Comes in a pink plastic tube with a clear cap to see the color of the product and you can find it more easily between all your lipsticks, nothing extraordinary but I don’t think there is more to ask for the price. NYC is an inexpensive brand that sells good make up products. I don’t usually wear lipstick but this one is a bright pink that reminded me of Barbie, it leaves the lips moisturized but the flavor is not so pleasant because it tastes like wax. This lipstick will transfer on anything that your lips touch and it will stay on your mouth for a couple of hours if you don’t touch or eat anything. Here is a swatch of the lipstick so you can see how it looks; the first picture is without camera flash and the second pic is with flash.

2014-04-26 23.43.29
2014-04-26 23.43.40

I probably wouldn’t buy it because of the wax flavor on my mouth but I also know that I shouldn’t be eating the lipstick. So I will recommend this for the inexpensive price and the moisturizing feeling on your lips. I think it’s a good product for someone that likes tohave tons of colors to choose from and doesn’t want to get broke buying lipsticks.

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Apr 20

Influenster Uni VoxBox Review

fbdb1aacb0e931e8ffb540c34708efe739ff63f3As a part of the Influenster group I receive products for free to try them out and review them. This time I received a box called: Uni VoxBox and it comes with products needed for any student girl. I received 6 full size products in this box.


Playtex, Sport fresh balance tampons. The price of the box should be around $4.00 but that depends on the store. They have odor shield and 360 protection. Designed to protect you while you exercise.

Broadway Nails Impress press-on manicure. The price for the set of 24 nails is $5.99. On the package it says it will last up to a week and they are easy to use because you don’t need glue.

Red Rose, Real tea premium water enhancer. The price is $4.49 at the stores and this water enhancer is made of real brewed tea to make your water taste like real tea. The bottle will last for 24 servings is lightly sweetened and doesn’t contains dyes.

Pilot Acroball Purewhite. They come in packages of 3, 4, and 5. The price for a package of 3 is $4.59 but prices may be different. According to the product description, this pen has gel ink to have smooth writing and dries quick.

NYC expert last lip color in forever fuchsia. The price is $1.99 everywhere unless you find a coupon to get it cheaper. The velvety finish lip stick should last up to 6 hours on your lips leaving them moisturized.

Rimmel London Stay matte liquid mousse foundation. The price of this foundation is around $5.00 at the stores. This is a lightweight liquid mousse that leaves the skin matte. Comes in 8 shades.

This is a small description of every product I received, I will have a more detailed review for each product soon.

2014-04-03 14.58.36-2

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Apr 09

Nicole by OPI Roughles, On What Grounds?… A Week Later

2014-03-29 01.36.57I received the Nicole by OPI roughles nail polish in the march Ipsy bag and since it’s the first time I get a nail polish with texture I had to try it out.

I got the color “On What Grounds?” and it’s a light blue with some green and the texture is a darker tone of blue. I usually don’t put any base coat to test the durability but since this is a new nail polish and I was afraid to ruin my nails I put a coat of a regular base coat. I applied 2 coats of the nail polish but I believe 1 coat looked good too but since I had uneven areas I added the second layer. The opacity of this nail polish is good and the brush is the right size, not big like some new polishes. On the bottle it says to not apply a top coat and that’s understandable because if you do it you ruin the effect but I guess they have to put in case someone wants to do it.

My nails looked like in the picture, the color was ok and the texture too. At the beginning I scratched my face with the texture but nothing that will kill you but u need to be careful. I kept my nails with this polish for a week but after 3 or 4 days I got bored of it and I was counting the days to remove it but when I finally did it; the nail polish didn’t come off easily like any normal nail polish, it took me awhile to do it, rub more, and even soak my nails on the remover to make it easier and after all was gone my nails still had some blue stain on them. By the seventh day my nails still look good, I didn’t have chipped nails but in the tips of my nails the nail polish started to disappear, the durability of this product must be because I have a thick layer on.

Although this is a good brand and lasts a week of wear, I don’t think I will buy this textured nail polish again; probably other colors are better but I don’t think I will do it. If you decide to try it out don’t forget to wear a base coat to protect your nails.

If you want to see how this nail polish looks on my nails, please click here.

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Apr 02

Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resistance Intensive Eye Cream Review

2014-03-14 12.30.21 Winter is not my favorite season because my skin suffers all the consequences. Every year a specific part of my body gets dry like crazy and this year my poor eyes were the unlucky ones. So I started looking for a good eye cream. I tried like 5 or 6 different brands including Dior, Caudalie, and Shiseido made me curious thanks to a Youtube beauty girl.

The most expensive I tried was the Dior eye cream that costs around $90 and it didn’t do anything for my eyes. So next was the Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resistance Intensive eye Countour Cream and the price is $55.

This is a thick cream that will leave your eyes super moisturized and looking good, I am more than sure that this cream will fix any dry eyes. A good example is my mom she had very dry eyes to the point to get cuts and flaking, she was using prescribed medication but one day I gave her one of the samples I got from this cream and her eyes got better right away. All the symptoms decreased and her eyes looked much better so for this reason I am a true believer of this cream.

My eyes were dry therefore my fine lines were more visible so I started using this and my eyes improved a lot. I only needed a tiny little portion of the cream and then dabbed it until it’s absorbed.

When I went to get the entire line, the Sephora lady told mi that all the products from this line of Shiseido are targeted for mature people and might not be suitable for me but the eye cream is great for my dry eyes. The cream makes my eyes look good, hydrated, and kinda works in the fine lines by making them look better but not hiding them. I don’t really believe that creams will fix fine lines but let’s give this cream the benefit of the doubt. The only bad part I don’t like about this cream is that when you apply it, it doesn’t absorb right away leaving your eyes a little greasy and probably giving you problems putting your eye makeup on so I recommend it only for night time like I do. For day time you can use your favorite eye cream that is not thick as the Shiseido one, I am using a caudalie eye cream that is light and absorbs fast and this was recommended by a Sephora employee.

The price of the Shiseido cream is $55 for 0.51 oz. for many of us it’s a little expensive but not crazy expensive as the Dior eye cream and mine, I got it in a set that includes a full size of the eye cream, 2 deluxe sample size creams, and an eye mask all for $35 because I got a $20 off coupon from Sephora. A great deal for a good eye cream that will last a long time since you don’t need as much.

Definitely I will recommend this cream to anyone with sensitive and dry eyes because it will solve your problems. Don’t forget to always ask for a sample first because the things that work for me might not for you and it’s better to try samples before spending $55 in something you maybe have to return later.

2014-03-14 12.32.21

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Mar 31

March 2014 Ipsy Bag

2014-03-19 01.46.22The March ipsy bag is called “Destination beauty” and was inspired in vacations and all the products that we need with us. If you want to know more about Ipsy, you can click here to see my post about it. This month was different because I received a bag designed especially for ipsy, also I got 2 full size and 2 sample size products. Now the products:

2014-03-29 01.36.57Nicole by OPI nail polish in On What Grounds? Price $6.99 Click here 

I believe this is the first time i received an opi product in an ipsy bag and i am super excited to try it out because the color is nice for spring and the nail polish has texture. The price varies according to the store and you can buy them almost everywhere.

2014-03-29 01.37.48Be a bombshell, eyeshadow quad in bora bora. Price $16. Click here 

I have many products from this brand but it’s the first time i received eyeshadows and i like the bronze colors that i got, hopefully they have good pigmentation and stay all day.

2014-03-29 01.37.16Pacifica, body butter in Indian coconut nectar. Price $15. Click here 

Second time I received a body butter from Pacifica. I didn’t like the first one because was too oily for my skin but I like the scent of this one which is coconut vanilla. I know that it probably will be too greasy for me but I will try to use it only for the scent. This product comes in 2 sizes and can be bought at their website and some retail stores.

2014-03-29 01.35.59BareMinerals, Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Get ready. Price $18. Click here 

According to the website this is an ultra-pigmented lipstick and glides like butter. There is a big chance that I will not use this product because I don’t wear lipsticks but I know this brand is good so maybe the lipsticks are good as well. You can buy it at their website and some big makeup stores.

2014-03-19 01.45.19Ipsy bag, from “Street Anatomy” collection

This month’s bag was designed by Klari Reis and her bag is inspired by her geography series “Street Anatomy” that is being displayed in San Francisco, CA. Pretty and different bag from the others, seems like Ipsy will start giving bags created by artists which is better than the old simple bags.

March was a good month, at least better than the last one. I received products that I like and I don’t normally buy but I will enjoy playing with them. The bag is a nice addition to the subscription because it will give opportunities to new artists to show their work.

If you want to subscribe, click here.


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Mar 28

Yes To Blueberries Cleansing Facial Wipes Review

wipesSince I ran out of the baby wipes I used for everything, I started using the “Yes to blueberry wipes” I got in a prize. These wipes come in pretty purple packaging with a plastic closure on top which is better than a resealable sticker that most wipes have because I believe the wipes last longer and the moisture stays there too. The package of 25 wipes cost $15.25 and you can buy it at any big drugstore or online and they also have travel size packages to carry with you.
Now, the wipe is normal size compared to the other brands in the market. The texture is soft to the touch and is well moisturized, and the scent is a fruity mix that is not strong or annoying at all. Although these wipes are made to remove makeup, I have to use 3 wipes to remove almost all my makeup. So I don’t think it’s worth it to have this as a primary make up remover method because you need to wash your face to remove whatever is left and also you will need to buy a new package every 10 days and that’s not a good way to save money unless you buy them super cheap but this brand doesn’t have coupons too often. The worst thing is that I can’t use them too often because my skin gets irritated and then burns, maybe it’s some ingredient or my skin is too sensitive with the acne medications.
So, this is not a bad product if you only want to clean your face or remove light make up. I wouldn’t recommend to use it as your only makeup remover because it’s going to make you lose money, and the most important thing is to try it out first because your skin can get irritated like mine. Personally, I don’t think I will repurchase this unless I find a super good deal.

If you want to buy them, click here.

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