Dior Blush Brush Review

I love to have many brushes from different brands and models, sometimes I have duplicates but that’s ok because I need them and I don’t have to wash them so often. But this is something I noticed the last time I cleaned all my brushes. One of the expensive brushes that I have is from Dior, it’s a blush brush and since it’s small I use it for bronzer. The price of this brush is around $49, the handle is silver and the bristles are black made of natural material. The bristles of this brush in my opinion are the right size to use to apply blush, it’s not super fluffy but really soft to the touch. I like to use it for bronzer because it fits well for “now.”

What I mean for “now”? because when I washed it, it shed a lot, and it lost the shape a little bit so if I’m not wrong I’m gonna have problems with this brush in the future which is sad since it’s an expensive brush and I would expect a better assembling. Compared to the other inexpensive brushes that I own the Dior is not so good, I had to put the plastic cover protection to the brush so it can have the same shape again but I guess with time and more use, it won’t look so pretty anymore and I won’t be able to use it for what I want. Also when I was looking online for the price I saw some pictures of this same brush without shape, the bristles all open, and unorganized.

I love Dior and I like to buy their products and I even wanted to get a limited edition red brush but I will have to think twice next time I like one brush from them and of course there is a chance that I got a bad brush and all the rest of the brushes are perfect but this shouldn’t happen to anyone. Also this is a good example of why we shouldn’t always buy expensive brushes because we think they are better since I have the proof that is not true and my inexpensive brushes are way better since they don’t shed or lose the shape.

Anyway, you can find the brushes in Dior website, and any Dior counter from the department stores.

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